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Questions and Answers about the new e-edition.

Q: When will the E-edition issue be available?
A: It will be available on Wednesdays. After each week's edition is posted online, there will be 24/7 access if you have a subscription, which also will give you access to archived editions.
Q: Will the E-edition look like the printed copy?
A: Yes. It will be identical in appearance and will include all stories, photos, advertisements and notices.
Q: What is the difference between the E-edition and the website?
A: The E-edition looks like the print edition and includes every story, photo and ad packaged in a more traditional newspaper style. The web includes all stories from the print edition, but stories that are released daily, and neither in the same format nor on the same time basis.

Your paper subscription gets you access to the E-edition for that paper.

Buy a subscription to the newspaper and get it delivered to you and also gain access to the E-edition, which includes the ease of clicking on a copy of the newspaper at your computer and flipping through the pages at your leisure.