Uncle Paul's Jazz Closet

By WRFR-LP Radio | May 07, 2022
Cindy and Uncle Paul.

By Ron Staschak


I  am so impressed when someone is passionate about something.  After listening to the

show, I can understand why Cynthia is so passionate.  Uncle Paul’s Closet is amazing!  Not only is the music great, the stories associated with Paul Motian are riveting.  Listen in: Monday 3-5pm.

What do you do at the radio station?

I have a show called Uncle Paul’s Jazz Closet.


How long have you been volunteering

Since 2014, 8 years


Why did you decide to volunteer/why did you want to have a show? 

My Uncle, jazz drummer Paul Motian, left me his archive of papers and music when he passed away in 2011. As I was organizing the archive and coming across funny, enlightening and jazz historical items I kept thinking, “That would be a great thing to share.” Before the archive, I already had a great collection of jazz because he was always sending me CDs. I had thought I should have a radio show then but never followed through. The premise of my show is to do readings from the archive and play the related music. I knew Jo Lindsay and asked her about it. She said, “Sure.”  After sitting in with her for 1 show, she said “OK, you’re on.”  But I made her sit in with me a bit as I was a true neophyte with the audio technicalities. If I can do it, anyone can. I encourage others to have a show.


Other than the show you host, what is your favorite show?

Cheech’s Radio Hour, Bonnie Farmer Show, Professor Bop, The Vinyl Hour.


Is there a question I should have asked you?

How did I come up with the title of my show?

Uncle Paul was always cleaning out his closets and sending me the contents. Knick knacks, CDs, cashmere sweaters, I never know what I would get. My partner and I used to joke that we should open a 2nd hand store and call it Uncle Paul’s Closet.

I have a blog/web page www.jazzcloset.blogspot.com where you can access my shows as podcasts and also download PDFs of some papers from the Paul Motian Archive.

My show is currently on repeat as I still have some post concussion issues related to fainting because of a tick bite. I look forward to getting back into the studio. During COVID, I made shows at home and uploaded them but being live in the studio is much more enjoyable.


What is the most memorable thing that you received from your Uncle Paul's closet?

What is the strangest item you have received from your Uncle Paul?

Memorable-The sweater really stands out. Everything he had was high quality but the Italian, cashmere sweater was very luxurious.

Strangest- Even though he was known for his sunglass collection, I have a pair of steampunk looking aviator sunglasses that are a bit strange. The glass is surrounded by leather that fits flush with a leather strap around your head. I did come across a photo of him wearing them and I think he may have gotten them because he was in search of glasses that wouldn't fog up when he was jogging in cold weather.

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